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What do the colors and PINK LIGHT BLUE 2016 reveal about us ...

Balance and harmony - the new colors are worth a thousand words

The US company Pantone elects regularly the colors of the year. By 2016 it was first elected in two tones, two delicate, gentle, childlike colors. And never have correctly located the experts.

The US Pantone Color Institute says that color is life. The Pantone with original seat in New Jersey has developed a color system that now includes 1755 special colors. Worldwide give mixtures in architecture, in graphic art and design, in newspapers and magazines, with kitchen facilities, blouses, eye shadow and hair clips set the tone.

Every year honors Pantone a special tone that hit a nerve, to express a general mood. "Trend scouts" make for this purpose world in search of the color of the time. Stroll through openings, are reflected in the clubs nights around the ears, read news and blogs and eventually come to a conclusion.

2016 is going to gently and calmly. In addition, Pantone has first chosen two tones and the cool blue Serenity (Pantone 15-3919) and the delicate pink Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-1520) to the Colors of 2016 explained.

Never seems to have located right in the color of the zeitgeist than this year Pantone. Pink and blue. What a contrast. What. For harmony. This is what also "As our culture is still fraught with so much uncertainty," said the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, "we long again after this softer hues that offer a sense of peace and relaxation."

That is the one, the need to switch off, to escape the flood of stimuli - the noise, the stress, the hustle and bustle. Pink and blue - the pastels carry us into peaceful fields beyond the glaring urban world and the digital highways, the ever new images and messages. Blue is depth. Reliability. Order. Harmony. Blue creates serenity.

Blue is the color of the sea. The eternity. Why is the sky blue? It may be no coincidence that in the last few months on Google no question has been asked so often like this. She testifies that people look upwards. To where nothing is as wide and mystery.

And Rosa? Who now thinks of pink glasses, at the Transfiguration, to slumber, who the nose turns up on small girlish femininity - the do not know much about the real significance of this color. The desire for friendly times need not be naive, we can also mention confidence and optimism.

Sweet is also not the same as kitsch. Tenderness and sensitivity are the origin of all things. How far it has moved us, the awareness of the power of silence and the fragile, is only effective if we suddenly after a long time once again see the sunset and be overwhelmed by the play of colors. Or if we touch the dew on the petals of a rose and leave us enchanted by the fragrance.

These colors are a part of us

But the color of the year can describe and characterize more than moods. They are also very flattering. Towels, pants, shirts, pillow - pink and blue. They are blond like brunettes, black-haired gray as scooping. Pink and blue are part of us, are reflected in the eyes and skin. Colors that women and men are and could not be more trendy for this reason.

Man, woman - playing with the distinction is arbitrary. The rolls can not be bound. And colors have no gender. That pink only girl stands and blue the little devils, which are myths of modernity, not even 100 years. For millennia, blue is the color of Mary, Queen of Heaven. The "little blue", the light blue was the color of the girl dresses and aprons.

Source: The World


  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Production: Made in Germany
  • Features: breathable, colourfast, water-resistant, easy-care, washable
  • Use: indoor, outdoor (weatherproof)
  • Machine wash 40°
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