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chillisy® founder and owner Isa Schütze in an interview with the about "chillisy"

(published in issue 20, 2015):

When cuddly pool cushions can swim

Comfortable, waterproof and sustainable. Customers all over the world relax on the invention of Isa Schütze. For the production, the young entrepreneur insists on quality and craftsmanship.


Pians - Most people bring home snapshots from their vacation home, Isa Schütze returned with a special souvenir from the Brazilian holiday: with a business idea that became a successful company. Schütze developed the world's first pool cushion, which can swim.


Rich and beautiful

"This is my realm," says Isa Schütze, and opens the door to a room full of colorful fabrics and pillows of all sizes and colors. "That, and a camp. There I fill the pool pillow, "she adds. From here, a dwelling-house in the 800-year-old town of Piano in the midst of the undisturbed Tyrolean mountain world, hundreds of cuddly products enter their journey every day to relax in luxury hotels and private homes in Europe, Los Angeles, Miami, Cape Town, Russia, Bermuda or Dubai to prepare.

When Sagittarius was lying by the pool in Brazil in 2010, she did not know what a wide circle the enthusiasm for experimentation between two children would bring. "There were sitting bags everywhere in the hotel complex, and the two of them had taken one and thrown into the water," says the young entrepreneur. She was always ready to save the children, but thanks to the Styropor the seat sack did not sink. "He was so hard, however, that the kids had no chance to get the soaked part back on shore."

With these impressions and an orange pouch as a souvenir, Schütze left Brazil. "I wanted to preserve the holiday feeling, but the fabric was not breathable and stuck uncomfortably to the skin."


Take the step

That must be better, thought the German born. She asked a friend in Mallorca to find out if there are bags in the hotel facilities there. When this was not so, Schütze quickly moved to Mallorca for three months - with her first self-sewn pool pillow. "I sewed it with the sewing machine of my mother, a tailor. The machine was then stolen on the island. "

When Sagittarius marched to the water with the great white thing in tow, she was observed with interest, but no one spoke to her. "It worked, the pillow swam. It was such a cool feeling. I could not test it at home, the bathtub was much too small. "

Even if the market was not successful in Mallorca, Sagittarius did not let himself be discouraged. Back home, she worked on her invention in every free minute, went to clean up the phone and wrote various magazines. The entrepreneur came to happiness and detours to the fabric premium acrylic - produced in Germany, refined in France, Italy and Switzerland.


Fair and sustainable

"The material does not bleach, does not mold, it is breathable, chlorine-resistant and certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. I attach great importance to sustainability and environmental awareness. In the products of chillisy®, only components that come from the EU and are produced fairly ", emphasizes the young entrepreneur and reaches for a box of Swarovski crystals.

"Every product goes through my hands, is refined and checked in Pians." The assortment is constantly expanded, for example, the Super Maccheroni and the hay bikes (see box on the left). In addition, Schütze is in the process of establishing a dealer network.

In Germany such a success would not have been possible, the entrepreneur is sure. "There is such a concentrated power of tourism know-how in Tyrol."

That is why she is proud to be a sponsor of Top of the Mountains. "The awards will be handed over to the winners on my pillow," says Schütze, dropping the door to her creative workshop.


"I attach great importance to sustainability and the environment. All materials are certified accordingly. "

Isa Sagittarius


New: In the future, the pool cushion will be available in a smaller, beach-like form in addition to the traditional sizes Midi and Maxi. In addition to the Maccheronis, chillisy® also produces Pool James - a container for champagne bottles.


Indoor & Outdoor: Lounge-, garden- and cushions of all kinds. Since 2014, the Heukissen, the original Tyrolean hay bath, is available. Filled with Tyrolean herbs of 1,950 meters above sea level, which are biologically free of mites by means of a specially developed process. "

Contact and info: www.chillisy.eu



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